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"Hard work wasn't enough"

My name is Anant Sharma and I created this course for everyone struggling with math. I’ll walk you through each of the essential steps in this course, making sure that you won't stop until it makes sense. But first let me tell you how I created this courses.

I was raised in a poor neighbourhood. My parents were working class people. I remember that I have always been passionate about technologyand electronics. Mr. Charlie, our informatics teacher, was the person that introduced me to the great world of technology. I started to learn more and more about computers and electronics and I decided to become a computer engineer, realizing that an academic career would be the perfect gateway to a better life.

I really had to work hard for every grade,especially maths. To cut the story short I finally entered college and started studying computer science. My dream came true, but the happiness didn’t last long. My hard work wasn’t enough anymore. At a certain point, I thought that it’s all gone pear-shaped.

I almost failed my first semester in college. But as they say not all bad comes to harm you. I knew that my way of learning of math wasn’t the right one. I realized that mindset is key to learning. So I started to see things differently and Icreated a new method of learning. After that, I was able to understand every mathematical concept and problem. The method helped me to develop the intuition that makes learning fun and creative. I graduated from college and received my Ph.D. six years after.

An academic career followed after that, but I never forgot who I was and where I came from. I believe that we're capable of learning so much if explained correctly. I created this online course, teaching pre-academic and academic mathematics, collaborating with industry experts to deliver the best online courses on this subject. I built practical lessons with the perfect examples to help you hone your skills and make the bestout of any situation.

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lakshay-path-to-success Photo by: Gregory Porter